Sonance Sounds Motion [WAV-MIDI-SERUM-DECIBEL]

Sonance Sounds Motion [WAV-MIDI-SERUM-DECIBEL]


Motion is completely focused around a new upcoming wave of house music. Every preset, sample and vocal has been carefully curated by the Sonance team. The pack gives you all the tools to catch the newest wave of house music.

The pack is inspired by artists as Meduza, Zhu, Vintage Culture, Tchami, Matroda & STMPD Records.

MOTION is not just another preset pack or sample pack. It’s a whole toolkit that gives you all the tools to take your songs to the next level; containing ready-to-use vocals by the best topliners in the game, over 120 presets that are all recreations of the best tracks of these days and a whole sample pack including all the drums, drumloops, fx and even midi you need to build your best house production.

The pack consists of 3 parts; Melodics – For Serum, Signal – Sample Pack & Destined Acapellas. MOTION is the perfect pack if you want to make Deep House, Future House, Tech house & Melodic techno music.


MOTION comes with the best Serum preset pack for Deep & Melodic House including 120+ presets.

The presets are inspired by the best Deep & Melodic House tracks by artists as Ytram, Meduza, Vintage Culture, Artbat, Tchami, Zhu, Camelphat, Seth Hills and many more.

Melodics gives you all the tools from thick basses to vibey leads and plucks to create your next house banger.

* Serum Version 1.272 or higher is needed*


When we started to make the pack, we analyzed & broke down the most popular songs in this genre. We noticed that the drums, ambiences and drum placement is a bit different compared to other genres. That’s why we decided to add a huge sample pack to Motion.

The signal contains all the samples you need to make music in the style of Deep & Future House & Melodic techno music including kicks, claps, hats, fx, shakers, drumloops, ambiences and much more.

The drum placement is also quite different compared to other genres. We noticed that it’s tough to create that groovy drum stack. That’s why there are quite a lot of drumloops included as well. It’s just drag and drop to kickstart your workflow.

Without doubt Signal contains all the samples you need to create this style of music.


Let’s face it, getting vocals on you productions is a tough process. Professional sounding vocals from great vocalists are extremely hard to acquire – especially ones that are royalty-free.

That’s why we decided to help you take your music to a whole new level, we’re bringing you 4 original, royalty-free acapellas labeled by key and BPM.

We teamed up with a team of vocalists that already has songcredits for artists as Hardwell, Mike Williams & many more huge artists to provide you the highest quality of royalty free vocals for your productions.

The pack contains 4 full royalty free vocals labeled by key and bpm including dry & wet stems, backing stems and lead vocal stems.

  • Upload Date: 9.2021
  • File Size: 642.75 MB
  • Link Name: Our Cloud

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