Groove3 Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained [TUTORIAL]

Groove3 Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained [TUTORIAL]

Music production expert Eli Krantzberg presents comprehensive Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition video tutorials! EastWest has placed the power and incredible range of a full orchestra at your fingertips, and this video series shows you everything you need to unlock the software’s full potential! Eli walks you through the basics and then covers the more advanced features and functions, demonstrating each with clear and instructive examples. These videos are for new Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition users.

Eli welcomes you and then starts at the beginning, explaining the installation/authorization procedure and providing a quick overview of the software’s basic layout. You’ll then learn how to browse and load instruments in a multitimbral fashion and also how to route the outputs of each instrument to separate DAW channels for more precise processing. Next, explore the Player View, in which you’ll have access to many controls, including moods, performance scripts, envelope settings, articulations, MIDI sensitivity, and much more.

As you continue on, you’ll see how to tailor the sound of certain passages with performance scripts, including the ability to specify which string is used to play certain notes for 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, and celli. Throughout the rest of the course, you’ll explore many more features of Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition, such as dynamics, MIDI tools (Arpeggiator, Chord Scales, Humanizer, and more), the Hollywood Orchestrator (a built-in scoring engine), the Sequence Editor, and more! To close the tutorial, Eli sets up a short cue and demonstrates how to mix the piece within your DAW.

To see what these in-depth Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition tutorials cover, and how they’ll make using Hollywood Orchestra quick and painless, see the individual Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition video tutorial descriptions on this page. Give your scores the professional touch… Watch “Hollywood Orchestra Opus Edition Explained®” now!

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