Accentize Bundle 2021 [WIN-MAC 64]

Accentize Bundle 2021 [WIN-MAC 64]

SpectralBalance is an intelligent equalizer plugin for dialogue recordings. By continuously analysing the audio signal it automatically adapts its EQ-curve to correct spectral imbalances in order to achieve clear neutral sounding speech. The efficient workflow makes it a very useful and time-saving tool for professionals who have to deal with many different dialogue takes with individual spectral characteristics. The automatic adaptation comes in handy also for live applications with multiple and potentially moving speakers.

DeRoom Pro is a Machine-Learning based reverb removal audio plug-in built for professional use. An artificial neural network has been trained on many different room scenarios in order to be able to seperate direct sound from reflection components. DialogueEnhance is an intelligent automatic speech processing tool. You can use it to easily enhance the quality of your speech recordings without having to adjust many parameters. The signal is processed by four different modules: Noise Reduction, Auto-EQ, Dynamic Reduction, Loudness Boost. A useful tool for podcast and video editors!

  • Chameleon v1.0.7
  • DeRoom v1.1.9
  • DeRoom Pro v1.1.1
  • DialogueEnhance v1.1.9
  • PreFET v1.0.1
  • PreTube v1.1.1
  • SpectralBalance v1.0.7
  • VoiceGate v1.6.7
  • Upload Date: 2021
  • Perfect: VST3-AAX-AU | WIN-MAC 64
  • Link Name: u-Torrent



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