UJAM – Groovemate ONE [WIN 64]

UJAM – Groovemate ONE [WIN 64]

Exciting percussion for popular styles. Make your tracks move and shake with a guaranteed vibe. You have prepared your track, you have bass and drums, melodies and chords, but something is missing. Why is he still lacking in taste? Percussion!

Think of salt as a spice – docilely in the background and slightly bitter when consumed in bulk. But without it, no dish will achieve full flavor development. It’s the same with pop songs and percussion.

The Groovemate ONE quickly and easily brings your tracks to life with this essential feeling. Just choose one of the ready-made phrases and adjust them to suit your needs. Or play your existing instruments directly via MIDI input.

The secret of the vibe machine: Percussionists often use complex patterns that work against or around the main beat and accent, such as 3-on-4 and syncope. Playing or programming them yourself can be tricky if you’re not a percussionist yourself.

With Groovemate ONE, you simply browse through the presets and choose what works for you.
Groovemate ONE makes it easy to add simple percussion grooves.

  • Upload Date: 2021
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • Perfect: VST-AAX | WIN 64
  • File Size: 55.9 MB
  • Link Name: u-Torrent

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