How to check and send iMessage messages with Siri without typing

For anyone who wants to check or send iMessage on iPhone and iPad during busy times like tapping, tapping, or texting, such as when driving, cooking, and the team has a handy way to use Siri for checking and sending text messages.  Here’s how. Let’s go.

How to check iMessage messages with Siri
Summon “Hey Siri” and say “Check new messages” or “Check my messages” > Siri will tell you the number of unread messages. Then it will begin to read the first message to us. When Siri has finished reading the first message from the iMessage app, Siri will ask, “Want to reply?” If not, Siri will read the next message immediately. It is to reply, just say the text you want to reply to and ask Siri to send it.

How to send iMessage messages with Siri
In case,  we want to send a new message to family or friends, we can call “Hey Siri” and say “Send a message… (Name in the contact list) as…” > Siri will prepare the message we want to send and ask if you want to send it.  If you want to send, just reply “send”. The message will be sent to the contact immediately. When our hands are busy typing or touching the phone screen Don’t forget to use Siri to increase the ease of use ever.

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