6 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your iPhone

The nightmare of iPhone users who buy expensive iPhones will slow down as they use their iPhones. Here are six ways to keep your iPhone from slowing down. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Leave space as free as possible: Full capacity can slow down applications. To do this, you should uninstall or remove apps that you have not used for a Fri time. For iOS 11 users, Apple has created new tools to manage storage space.

Settings> General> iPhone Storage There we will see a colorful chart. Where and how much is used? Which apps are consuming storage? If you do not need it, you should remove it.

2. High Efficiency shutdown: In iOS 11, you can change the desired file size for the effects of photos and videos. For example, the images output from its original camera are too high resolution. it is  HEIF and HEVC. HEVC can output up to 4K. OK, how to change…

In Settings> Camera> Formats, select Most Compatible. If you want good image quality, you should use High Efficiency.

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