How to edit the “Text in Image” function in iPhone

We are sharing that how to enable the “text in image” Funcation. Therefore we take as the explaining of this post as following” in the other language Still can’t use this function. But it its not that this function is useless, this function is more convenient to share or when we travel and want to save address or phone number. In English, just take a picture with your iPhone and you can quickly save it to your device, it’s a function that’s just right to use.

Before starting, please check the [Settings] app if the function is enabled.

How to enable the “Text in Image” function?

On the main Home screen, tap [Settings]>[General]>[Language & Region ] apps respectively.

Turn on the switch on [Live Text].

On this screen, at the [Live Text] option, then tap the switch (make it green) to enable the function.

How to add a language to use

In the [iPhone Language] section, if the setting is English or a supported language On this function already, you can skip the step. Add a language to use. For devices that have never been set up to use English How to add a language to use The “text in the picture”

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