How to use Low Data Mode in Phone

Low Data Mode is a function that reduces the consumption of Wi-Fi and Cellular data.  It is using the Internet over the network. When Low Data Mode is enabled, it will result in a halt of wasteful data usage such as fetching new data for background apps. Automatic updates of applications, this will be very helpful. When you can’t know the remaining amount of Data, that is available or remaining is low, including if you are in an area with low data speeds. You may want to use data saver mode.

Data saver mode will affect some operations. Pause the following features, such as auto-playing videos. automatic update And automatic downloads, for example, photo uploads in Photos to iCloud are paused.

When you open “Arcade” in the App Store, a preview of the game. It will be displayed automatically, but if it’s in Low Data Mode, you’ll need to manually press the Play button to watch it.

Apple describes Low Data Mode as follows:
Photos from the Photos app are temporarily not synced to iCloud . Automatic Updates automatic download And App Store video autoplay will be paused. Music app auto download will be paused.  And music streaming is optimized for lower bandwidth, automatic podcast downloads. It will be paused and feed updates will be limited.  FaceTime video will be optimized for lower bandwidth , Fetch app data from background disabled , Developer API Reduce network data usage by making your apps compatible.

Set up Low Data Mode at Cellular Data.

From the Home screen, tap [Settings].Then tap the [Cellular] option.
Select and tap [Cellular Data Options].

Tap to turn on the switch at [Low Data Mode].

Tap the [Settings] icon on the Home screen, then tap [Wi-Fi].

Tap the More info button behind the active Wi-Fi name.

Turn on the switch at [Low Data Mode].When Wi-Fi is set to Data Save Mode, it will say “Low Data Mode” below the Wi-Fi name.

when connected to the internet using the function iOS device tethering will automatically enter data saving mode. If you don’t want to use data saver mode You can just turn it off by yourself.

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