How to hide the pages’s Home screen at iPhone

Now, we all are knowing the page’s home screen. You have one more than other too. Thus, How to hide some of page’s in your home screen? In the past, when you loaded apps to your iPhone, a list of all apps was displayed on the Home screen. As a result, the Home screen has multiple pages. More than necessary, but with iOS 14, you can now hide your home page. And you can use  for a more comfortable and organized look.

This is another good idea. that will hide apps you have not uninstalled. But it was not used very often or when you don’t want that app displayed on the home page.When you will see  touch and hold an empty area on the Home screen. In iOS 14, you can enter edit state. You will find out without having to press and hold the app icon Touch and hold an empty area on the home screen.

Tap on […..] where the number of ellipses Represents the number of pages on the Home screen.All Home screen pages will appear. Tap to make the check mark in the circle disappear. on the page you want to hide Then tap on [Done].

You will be taken back to the first home screen, tap [Done] again to finish hiding.The Home screen, which used to have 5 pages, is now only 3 pages. Do the same as above (tap the circle until the check mark) to unhide it.

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