How to use Apple Watch Basic Operations?

When starting to use the Apple Watch, I believe that many people are confused and do not know what to press. Because I’m not familiar with, like the iPhone, I don’t know where to start first. This page will explain. The basics of Apple Watch, but if you haven’t started it yet. It must be paired with your iPhone first.
Names of buttons and their functions.

■ Goes to the Home screen and returns to the Home screen.
It is pressing on the Digital Crown.  Once will take you to the Home screen or Home for launching applications on your Apple Watch, And press it again to return to the default watch face.

■ Touch or drag your finger on the screen.
When on the home page, you use your finger to drag left or right. It is to move to different apps on the home screen. And, when you press the digital crown once, the home page will return to normal.

If you press the middle of the Digital Crown button twice quickly. It will take you to the most recently activated app.
This will initiate Siri.And if, you are in the home screen when turning the button. The screen will be scaled to the app size. You can zoom in or out. When you press the side button, the list of people who have been added to favorites via the Phone app (phone) on the iPhone device will connect to the Friends list in Apple watch. From this screen, when tapping, you can quickly make a call or read a message from that person.

Doing as pressing the side button Hold will turn on/off the machine. Or You will find out that uses power saving mode and lock the device. Select to swipe the screen on the topic you want to use sideways. The LOCK DEVICE menu section is displayed only if you have set a password. of the Apple Watch.

If you are in the main watch face and then press hard on the screen It will go to the watch face customization page.

While in various applications If you hold down the screen. The app’s built-in auxiliary functions will be displayed, executing various options in the app itself.  In the left-hand preview image is an option in the weather app (Weather).

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