How to watermark a photo on a Samsung Galaxy

Nowadays, we often see watermarks indicating the model name on the photos of different smartphones. Most of the Chinese branded smartphones will have the option to activate when pressing the button. But for the Samsung Galaxy side, especially the top models like the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note, we won’t find this option in the settings. But it’s not that I don’t have to put it.

We can easily add additional watermarks after taking photos from the Gallery app that comes with the device.  Other Samsung models that may have a watermark too big if we choose to turn on the watermark.  When we are taking pictures, I just want the name of the outstanding model and place. it is in the right angle as well. Who is looking for it, today we have “How to put a watermark on a photo of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone” for you.

How to put a watermark on a photo of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  1. Go to the Photos app (Gallery), select the image that you want to watermark.
  2. Press the Edit button (Edit) the pencil icon.
  3. Then go to Smiley icon, select Stickers.
  4. Go to the Calendar category.
  5. Select to Samsung Galaxy Sticker.

The model name logo will pop up.  Where to place it in the corner of the picture or enlarge the watermark to be as big and small as you want. That’s all. We can save as a copy without over saving the original file by selecting the 3 dots in the bottom right corner and selecting .  You can Save as a copy.

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