How to enable the floating shutter button on Samsung Galaxy

Anyone uses a Samsung Galaxy smartphone now.  if the model has an S-Pen, can use the pen press to be a shutter immediately without having to press on the screen.  But who uses other models that do not have. The pen may have a problem reaching out to press the time to take a selfie. Today we have a simple solution to tell you.

How to make a floating shutter button on a Samsung Galaxy

  • Open the Camera app
  • Slowly release the shutter button (do not press and hold because it will record video instead)
  • You will get another floating shutter button that can be moved across the screen

For this floating shutter button can be used instead of the normal shutter button. We press it, and if you want to close this button, press and hold and press the “-” button that appears. If you would like to Download app

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