How to save split screen on a Samsung Galaxy

Many people who use Samsung Galaxy smartphones, have probably used the Multi-Windows feature or a separate screen app. Often, if you are a newbie to Samsung today, we have a way. The use of dividing the screen, let me tell you that it is very convenient

How to split the app screen and save it for next time on Samsung Galaxy

  • Go to Settings> Monitor> Open the Edge panel
  • Open an app first (like Facebook)
  • Swipe up on the navigation bar and hold until you reach the latest app page
  • Click on the icon above> Select Open in the split screen corner
  • Select the app you want to run the second app (e.g. YouTube)
  • Press the 3 dots in the middle that divide the screen of both apps
  • Click on the Add Double App icon
  • Finished

Only the next time we can open a pair of apps that we are using, just swipe the Edge panel on the right side and select the app that we saved without having to waste time doing the same steps again. Thank you so for your learning Here.

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