How to Disable Tracking Permissions of Apps on iPhone

We are sharing that How to disable tracking the permissions of Apps on iPhone. Because, if you are using the iPhone, you will know it but some of them are not knowing as knowledage thus we are sharing when we use a third-party or non-Apple app directly.  We are asked to ask for permission to track our location or usage habits. But since iOS 14 comes out, there will be a function to not allow tracking apps. Anyone who has already pressed permission, can press to close later as well By the way. It can only be done with a few clicks.

How to turn off the tracking permission of an application

  1. go to settings
  2. Choose Privacy
  3. Select Tracking
  4. Select Off Allow the app to request follow. or choose to close some apps
  5. finish

For this feature, it gives us more security and privacy of our data. This is one of the features that make Meta (formerly Facebook) lose a lot of revenue.

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