How to turn off the predictive feature on iPhone Keyboard

There are tips for you again. Today, we have a way to turn off – turn on the word guessing feature on the iPhone or iPad keyboard for you. In case, anyone who uses it and does not like to have to guess words or automatically correct mistakes when using it. The way to turn it off and on is as simple as this.

How to turn off-on the guessing feature on the keyboard iPhone, iPad

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Choose a general category (General)
  3. Select the keyboard (Keyboard).
  4. See the All Keyboards menu.
  5. Turn off Predictive.

That is all right. When we type, there will be no more guessing words.  If anyone who does not want to automatically correct words that when we typed wrongly and fixed it themselves, turn off the feature. Auto fix typo in settings as well.

Which way to set up, we can choose from keyboard keys as well By pressing on the icon change language and select go to Keyboard Settings.  Anyone who is looking for a way to turn off-on the guessing feature on the iPhone, iPad keyboard, try setting it up as follows. It should help you type a lot more fluently.

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