Video Popup Player : Multiple Video Popups Player App

This is an amazing multiple videos player for you. It can play multiple videos in a pop-up window, floating above other applications. It can also play videos in background, just like an audio file.

Features :-

  • Popup Video Player let’s you multitask by playing video in floating popup window.
  • Now watch multiple videos at the same time by opening multiple floating popup
    windows at same time .
  • Minimize your floating popup anytime and resume your video anytime from notification.
  • Play Video in background like an Audio file by minimizing(enable it from settings)
  •  See video Subtitles while watching video in floating player.
  • Pinch and zoom popup players to resize it easily.
  •  Play Videos in Landscape and Portrait Mode
  • Player Function like Next, Previous, Shuffle, Volume in popup player.
  • All video format supported.

Try it Ones! you will Fall in love with it.

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