File Recovery – Restore Files Apk

The description of File Recovery App is like that File Recovery is a free app that helps you get back your lost files, whether they were accidentally deleted by you or hidden in other apps, we try to find and identify all those hidden files and help you recover them。 

The powerful File Recovery tool will deeply scan all directories in the phone and show you all recognized files, especially photos, videos, voice and document files in various formats.

The file recovery application will list all the hidden files, you can select the files you need to recover, and recover easily with just one click.

Your phone does not need root, the APP only needs the corresponding storage-related permissions to work, which will not damage any phone system and cause serious problems

Safe and Private : The APP will never upload your files, all processing is done locally, No files will be accessed or deleted nor uploaded without your permission. We cannot guarantee that all files you accidentally lost will be recovered, if you have any questions please contact us.

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