How to use developer Tools XAMPP for your Developing

Today, I am sharing one of developer tools. It is we all call as XAMPP which is server tools. This is the most important tools when you are developing some web, etc. It is available for your developing for linux, Windows and Mac.

But, It is using for PHP developer as server. Whatever you are using windows system for windows users. It will be supporting to use it. That is why it is the most poplar for developer serve site.

So, I will share here, how to install step by step. You can use here, how to install it. ¬†first, you have need download what you are using window system ¬†“XAMPP” , download it, you can click .exe file.

Secondly, you can see “next”, you are going to it step by step, It will be going as program sitting process.


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