Knowledge Web Developer at Laravel simple project

Today, I am sharing the Knowledge of web developer at Laravel simple project. This is one of PHP framework to develop for backend. It is the most useful for your backend developing. Because it is processing as MVC. So, what is MVC?

M = model

V= View

C= Controller.

The Firstly, I am going to explain you. “M” is working as model. Model is as working and content as database. The Database which will be contented app=>Model. What is database inset you will find at model. Therefore you will know the model is database as Basie knowledge. How to build model? ” it is “php artisan make:model your-name” it is making Model for Laravel.

The secondly, View is that what you are going to UI design in your app. It is making at View. What customer will see at your UI, you can do there. It is.. Now, the question is that the View is all “Contacts from Routes what you are writing as connect UI.

The finally, the most working is controller which will be called as backend, it is between database and View, connect what you will do at your projects. You can do your code at there. So, and a little easy for your coding. for backend. And also if we will make to code as together Model and Controller. It will be comment as “php artisan make:controller –mc” you will find out at projects at model as one table. It is basis knowledge of MVC

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