Universal TV Remote Control for Android

Would you like to get a large portion of your TV? We are here to assist you with it – that is the reason we made UniMote – Universal Remote Control for all TV. Our application will assist you with controlling your TV. Your Android gadget will become television controller for Smart TV, Samsung, LG, Android TV, Roku, Fire TV, Sony, and so forth. You have some control over both Smart TVs (utilizing Wi-Fi) and Non-Smart TVs (utilizing IR Blaster).

Why annoy yourself with introducing this UniMote assuming that you have a genuine TV controller? Great inquiry!

Most importantly, you don’t have to search for controller for a TV in light of the fact that your cell phone is generally close to you. Your TV Remote Controller can’t be lost at this point.
· Besides, it has business as usual capacities and, surprisingly, more – Screen Mirroring, Smart Sharing, Screencast. All of that is UniMote.

In what capacity? So for what reason don’t we investigate it together? It’s more helpful in light of the fact that let is straightforward, you handle your cell phone better compared to your old TV far off regulator. Presently, you can say that is where we are off-base, and you invest more energy with your controller than with the gadget. What’s more, we will let you know that you can change as indicated by your necessities.

For instance, begin with an essential remote reflecting screen for all brands! Hisense, TCL, Roku TV and it’s not all rundown. Likewise, you can make a TV cast of your #1 recordings and watch them on a greater screen.

You even assist with mothering nature a tad by involving your telephone as a Universal TV Remote Control, since you won’t have to purchase batteries at any point in the future.

Same buttons and point of interaction – just certain involvement in new highlights. Amazon Fire Stick or Samsung, Roku Stick, Xiaomi or Panasonic – it doesn’t make any difference with Remote Control for all TV.

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