The GForce Oddity 2 [WIN]

The GForce Oddity 2 [WIN]

Oddity2 is the successor to the multi-award winning Oddity, modeled on the legendary ARP Odyssey synthesiser, manufactured between 1972 and 1981.During its lifetime the Odyssey, due to it’s versatile and distinctive tones, was used by artists as diverse as Gary Numan, John Foxx, Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Chick Corea, Roger Powell, George Duke, 808 State and countless others. Ultravox’s Billy Currie refers to it as the ‘first punk synth’ due to its snarling aggression, thanks in part to an on-board ring modulator, oscillator sync and duophonic capabilities.

  • Two syncable oscillators plus a sub oscillator
  • Fully tuneable across a six octave range
  • Monophonic, Duophonic and Polyphonic modes
  • Sawtooth, Square, Sine & Variable pulse width waveforms
  • Ring modulator
  • Two resonant 24dB / octave lowpass filter modes
  • One 12dB / octave filter mode
  • Highpass filter
  • Vast Modulation options via additional XLFO and XADSRs
  • Dynamic control over filter cutoff and amplitude
  • Timed Morphing between presets within a preset bank.
  • Flying Slider feature
  • A = 440Hz Reference tone
  • On-Board Delay
  • Spread and Random Pan Modes
  • Over 1000 Categorized Patches
  • Full automation support
  • Tablet: Present
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • File Size: 33.5 MB
  • Link Name: u-Torrent

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