808 STUDIO 2-0-5 [Win & Mac]

808 STUDIO [Win & Mac]





70 unique high definition waveforms.




200 production ready presets.




Unique Kick section: Develop the kick of your 808 sound.




Sub section: For that extra bit of low end, features Fat mode and drive.




Bypass the effects




Oscillator section: Layer two of the 70 available waveforms for a truely unique sound.




Advanced Graphical Envelopes




Effect rack with Amp, Compressor, EQ and Chorus.




Glide: Glide your bass effortlessly with one knob.




Pitch Slide: Add pitch slide up or down and set the shape of the slide response.




Scope: View the end resulting waveform in realtime.




Version – 2.0.5
Perfect – VST/VST3/AU
File Size – 178 MB
Link Name -u-Torrent

Download Here

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