The TAQS.IM Solo synthesizer converts notes into Turkish makam to create sounds with a touch of the Middle East. Micro-tone converter and hybrid synthesis engine generate unusual and interesting signals. Worth trying.

Developers from TAQS.IM company have released TAQS hybrid synthesizer. IM Solo for creating electronic sounds with a touch of Middle Eastern music. The instrument offers a hybrid engine that combines sound sampling and synthesis, as well as micro-tone scale conversion.

According to the developers, a number of musicians and producers from all over the world were brought in to create Solo. For example, the duo Delirious & Alex K participated in the development of the synthesizer, producing tracks for Justin Bieber, Sean Paul, Dua Lipa, Pitbull, Flo Rida and Major Lazer. The result of the work was a tool that offers “an authentic way to create sounds from different parts of the world.”

At the heart of TAQS.IM Solo is a hybrid engine that combines three oscillators and sampling. Oscillators offer a set of analog-style sound waveforms. During operation, the engine mixes samples from the instrument’s library along with the generated sound waves, which leads to the appearance of interesting and unusual sounds.

In addition, users are offered a set of standard components for modifying the signal. Choose from filter sections, a modulation matrix with rich signal routing capabilities and an effects section. The latter combines reverb, distortion, phaser and delay.

The main feature of Solo is the presence of a special converter Microtonal Makam Scales. The converter converts standard 12-tone scales into Turkish makam – a set of sounds, modes and microtonic scales used in national Turkish music.

Users can transform any melody and scale into an alternative tuning, giving it a sound in the spirit of the Middle East. The synthesizer includes a huge collection of “oriental” scales and modes based on macam, which will allow you to create various and unusual signals and melodies.

  • Upload Date: 06.2021
  • Version: v1.4.1
  • Perfect: VST3-AAX-STANDALONE | WIN 64
  • File Size: 501 MB
  • Link Name: u-Torrent


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