How to display show and adjust the battery icon on OPPO

In the default OPPO smartphone is powered on, we do not see the battery percentage displayed. It is only an icon with a approximate volume. It will be displayed in the upper-right corner.  Which makes us not to know exactly how much battery is left now.  Today we have a way to show the battery percentage of OPPO smartphone users for you. You can do this.

How to show battery percentage on OPPO smartphone

  • Go into the Settings app.
  • Select Notifications and Status Bar. (Notification & Status Bar)
  • Select Status Bar.
  • Select Battery Percentage.
  • Choose the style you want, inside or outside.
  • all right

Now,  the battery icon in the upper right corner of us. it will be show the battery percentage number now. We will know how much is left now. You don’t have to keep checking in the battery settings. If you do not like the general horizontal icon on ColorOS 11 and above.  There is also an option for us to adjust the icon style as well.

How to change the battery icon on OPPO smartphone

  • Go into the Settings app.
  • Select Notifications and Status Bar. (Notification and Status Bar)
  • Select Status Bar.
  • Select Battery Style.
  • You can choose horizontal, vertical, swirl, or not display at all.
  • all right

The battery icon will  change now. it is to add another difference in showing the battery. But, there will be a little notice here , namely, if you choose an icon other than landscape, the battery percentage will be separated from the icon, not inside it.

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