How to improve your construction skills without formal training

Construction estimating is a vital skill for any contractor, project manager, or owner who wants to plan, budget, and execute a successful project. However, not everyone has the time, money, or opportunity to enroll in formal training courses or programs. Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve your construction estimating skills without formal training, such as:

In my experience, learning from experts is indeed a powerful way to improve construction estimating skills. It’s crucial to remember that construction estimating is not just about numbers, but also about understanding materials, processes, and the market.

For instance, knowing the difference between interior doors and fire doors, or understanding the nuances of joinery and carpentry, can greatly enhance your estimates. Moreover, networking within the London construction sector can provide real-time insights into cost trends and common challenges, further improving your accuracy and efficiency.

In my experience, staying updated in construction estimating is not just about knowing the latest trends and regulations, but also understanding the nuances of specific sectors like joinery, carpentry, or interior doors. For instance, the cost implications of material choice or finishes for fire doors, or the specific ironmongery requirements can significantly impact estimates. Therefore, I recommend focusing on both broad industry knowledge and specific areas of expertise.