How to know 5 Ways to View Battery Percentage on iPhone

If anyone has an iPhone model with a notch in their hands, the remaining battery percentage must be viewed through another method. That is not to see on the status bar as usual, which really is the iPhone notch version. It will be able to see the main 5 types together. Today we have these ways to tell.

1. Easiest to view through Control Center
The easiest way to see the battery percentage on iPhone models with a notch. It is to swipe down on Control Center, where the remaining battery is shown in the upper-right corner.

2. View through Today View
Another way is to look through Today View that will be on the main page and let us swipe to the right to the end. If anyone does not have a battery bar, you can easily open it by going to Edit > press “+” > search for “battery” > select widget > add widget.

3. Look through the widgets on the home screen.
If anyone does not  want to swipe through to look at the Today View, they can bring the widget to the home screen as well. It is to do so, long press on the home screen > press “+” > search for “battery” > select widget > add widget.

4. Ask Siri
Who uses Siri regularly? You can ask the battery via Siri as well. By having us press to turn on Siri by holding down the Power button and asking “How much battery is left?” Then there will be a percentage of the battery displayed.

5. You can watch it while charging.
Another way is still easy to see. it is to watch during charging It will be displayed on the lock screen immediately.

For showing the battery percentage on iPhone models with a notch, now there is a way to look like this. Hopefully in the future there will be an update to show next to the status bar download