To communicate clients and understand their expectations

Architectural photography is a challenging and rewarding genre that requires not only technical skills, but also creative vision and effective communication. As a photographer, you need to understand your clients’ expectations and vision, and deliver images that showcase their design, style, and message. How do you communicate with your clients and understand their expectations and vision? Here are some tips to help you.

This is the most important step in my experience, obvious as that may sound. It can make or break a relationship. A lot of first time clients for some reason assume you can read their mind, and if you don’t, it can cost you future jobs with them, so it’s critically important to get an idea of their true expectations. In addition to their satisfaction it saves a ton of time in editing.

Without doubt, the single most important factor for success is knowing what you client considers success to look like. Are they looking to boost engagement? Presence as an organisation? Better internal communication? Increase sales or value directly? Without this knowledge you really are just flying blind.

Planning is so important, starting with location, weather (if applicable) transportation and crew movement, equipment. Then following on from initial client outcome conversation, developing ideas and shot outlines that are thoughtfully making work that achieves those goals. Keeping clients involved at the right times, not all the time.