To know about common caissons for foundation design

Floating caissons are caissons that are prefabricated on land or on a floating platform and then towed and sunk to the desired location. They are usually hollow and have a flat or sloped bottom.

They are anchored to the seabed by piles or cables, and filled with concrete and ballast to provide stability and weight. Floating caissons are suitable for sites where the water depth is too great or the soil is too soft for conventional drilling or excavating methods. They are also used for creating artificial islands, breakwaters, or docks.

The most common types caissons used for foundation design include.

1. Open Caissons, also known as pneumatic caissons.

2- Box Caissons.

3- Piled Caissons.

4- Floating Caissons.

5- Drilled Caissons, also known as drilled shafts or drilled piers.

It’s important to establish open communication with stakeholders at the beginning of a project. Keep them regularly updated on design progress, changes, and decisions, and ensure that they understand the implications of proposed design changes.