The most recent update to Telegram adds message translation in real time

Telegram is making it simpler to communicate with people who may speak a different language than you do with its first update in 2023. A translate bar will appear at the top of the interface the next time someone messages you in a language other than your default language. Tap it to instantly translate their message. When interacting with groups and channels, you will also have access to this feature if you are a Premium subscriber.

The GIF that Telegram shared shows that this could be useful when planning a trip. If you want to find out about events and places that locals are talking about, subscribe to a channel in the city you plan to visit. Telegram has also introduced a new annual payment option for Premium that lets you save up to 40% on the cost of the service if you sign up for a full year.

A tool for transforming stickers and emoji into profile pictures is also included in the update. You can set or suggest profile pictures for your contacts in addition to using this feature for yourself. The best part is that everyone, not just Premium users, can use it. And speaking of stickers and emoji, Telegram has organized the app’s numerous options into categories, making it simpler to sort through them. The company has also released ten brand-new custom emoji packs and new interactive versions of a few emoji.

Telegram’s footprint on your device is easier to manage thanks to a few quality-of-life enhancements. To begin, the network usage tool in Telegram has been redesigned. The information that the tool has to share is now displayed in a handy pie chart at the top of the interface, with tabs for roaming, WiFi, and mobile usage.

Telegram has also added support for exceptions to the settings for automatic media download, giving users more control over the kind and size of media the app saves to their phone’s storage automatically. Be patient if the update isn’t available right away. The distribution of these releases may take a few days at times.

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